Business English


Our accredited Business English course will improve the general level of your English; by introducing you to the rudimentary grammar and diction, as well as, assists you enhancing your confidence in business environment.

With flexible start dates and course lengths, you can learn at a rate you are comfortable with.

You can start your journey towards obtaining SUCCESS in your professional career, though, there is no age limit or minimum qualification to this course, proficiency in English speaking is a prerequisite.

Our Business-English training program is made available world-wide to all persons, regardless of age, gender, nationality or religion, but it is not recommended to the person under 16 years of age.

A solid foundation in English Grammar and Diction.

Proficient use of communication skills; both verbal and written, to substantiate lexical resource, Coherence and Cohesion.

Integrated reasoning skills; being able to handle and analyze the statistical data.

To use English language more proficiently by learning skills and techniques such as; academic writing, skim-reading, active listening and fluency & coherence in speaking, reading and writing. Moreover, these skills, efficiently adopted, could produce results in your own studies and career, where all your objectives will come to fruition and all your dreams come true.


Either you are willing to be a significant part of the top-notch Multi-national organizations in your respective country or get hired quickly or want to get promoted fast, you can join us by any means, regardless of a degree or qualification. Moreover, the standard of education in your respective country does not hold a sway over your registration in the training exam.

In fact, a degree from a fine university or the use of English in the curriculum could give you an edge over other students from moderately recognized institutions.


You can still be a part of our training program, however, you’ll start your journey at our BUSINESS-ENGLISH FOUNDATION COURSE where you’ll be taught in consonance with the beginner’s or intermediate approach from the trainer, and then, subsequently, you will be transferred to our training program.

To introduce students/professionals to a formal and more efficient use of the standard modern British/US English in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in agreement with the Cambridge English Corpus, Oxford and Merriam Webster’s.

To hone their analytical, comprehension, inferring, cohesion, coherence and problem solving skills in the use of English Language.

Eventually, to equip them with all the necessary tools to arrive and thrive in the leading institutions of the world.

Upon successful completion of the course; candidate should be able to:

A) Listen and understand the standard accents such as; British, Australian, US and Canadian. Moreover, respond to the questions efficiently and accurately.

B) Should be able to respond appropriately and coherently by using a wide range of grammatical structures, lexical resource and logical reasoning.

C) Write manuscripts, letters, reports, memos and emails in English thoroughly, and with much less effort and time consumption. Furthermore, respond to analytical and critical questions quickly and accurately.

D) Write in a more formal, purposeful, logical and rational way. Moreover, to indicate an issue, a point of view or a problem in a more coherent and cohesive manner.


  • Warmers Confidence Building
  • Pronunciation of V, W, S, T, TH, T AND D in English
  • Business Lingo
  • English at work
  • Stress and Intonations
  • Question Forms
  • Comparatives and superlatives



  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate attitudes and professional behaviors
  • What is a company or an organization?
  • Supply and Demand
  • Business Cultures
  • Business Appraisals and promotions
  • International Business reporting standards



  • Letter Writing: types and techniques
  • Report Writing: Do’s and Don’s
  • Email, Memos and Research Drafting
  • Graphical presentation and Analysis



  • Mean, Median, Mode, Variances and Standard Deviation
  • Linear Algebraic Equations
  • Elementary Financial Mathematics



  • Rudimentary Financial Accounting such as; Recording Business Transactions in the ledgers
  • Types of ledgers and their Functions
  • Depreciation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Statements
  • Cost Accounting and managerial accounting: Basic Concepts and roles in business
  • Mock exams of individual modules
  • Surprise tests and Quick Quizzes
  • Demo practice sessions and drills
  • Grand Mock Exam (all modules) with Score designation
  • Revision classes for under-performers